How important is nature in our life? How many people do you know that have done something important with nature? Many of the world’s most important discoveries have been made by people who did not have an appreciation for or understanding of it. A simple walk in the woods can yield amazing results, but for many people they know that what they are seeing is not real.

It takes a scientific approach to understand nature. We need to look at the universe in a new way to appreciate it. Nature has given us many tools, but like any tool it can be abused and misused. When we abuse it we diminish its value, when we use it we add to our own skills and knowledge.

What is our relationship with nature? How important is it to you? How do you want to see it? How do you want to feel it?

We all have different experiences with nature. Some of us love it, some of us fear it, but we all feel gratitude for nature. The most powerful things in the universe are the simplest things. If we can harness these things for our benefit we will improve our lives greatly. When we harness nature we improve our ability to live comfortably.

It is our responsibility to look after it. Nature gives us food, water, shelter, clothing, etc… But if we abuse it we destroy its beauty and threaten our health. It is up to all of us to learn to coexist with nature. It makes no sense to destroy it. We create our own difficulties.

How important is nature in our life? How often do you hear someone railing against something that is natural or living in nature? How often do you hear someone saying that we should not let nature run its course. When these individuals hear this, they often feel that nature has no respect for them, that they are weak, that they are beneath her, that they cannot survive without her.

These are the types of thoughts that feed into the feeling that we are inferior. The feeling that we do not deserve to be alive. This is a hard concept to break and when people continue to live by these thoughts it will cause them great hardship in their personal life. This does not have to be you.

You have the ability to change your thinking. You have the power to say “No” to the feeling of being unworthy. You have the ability to look at what you are doing and say “No”. Yes, you have the power to be the creator of your life, to live your dreams, and to take advantage of the beauty of nature.

In our modern world there is a lot of negativity surrounding us. There is pollution in the air, there is a destruction of the natural resources, and there is war. These things are occurring because of the greed of some to make more money. It is sad to see the negative side of our world. Yet, none of us can avoid all of this. So, why do we need to be so upset about it?

We are all aware that there is a great deal of beauty that surrounds us on earth. There are mountains that we can climb, fields that we can walk through, and ocean’s that we can swim in. This is all there is. What we have been taught is that everything around us is negative and that unless we become better people we will lose the beauty of nature. That is where the misunderstanding comes in.

We must realize that nature is wonderful, and it is something that we need to preserve. It is important for us to feel appreciation for the earth so that we will not take it for granted. We have to realize that we are part of nature, and in turn we are also part of human kind. When we respect the land, and the creatures that live in it we will feel appreciation for all that we are and all that we help preserve.

Nature is important, but it does not need to be seen as the dark and cruel place that it has sometimes been painted. We need to see it the way we see it. In fact, it is us that creates the impression for others. When we appreciate and give proper respect it can lead to giving more than we expect in return. When we become aware of the importance of feeling appreciation for all of the beautiful things that nature gives us we will see that it is not a harsh feeling, but rather a wonderful feeling. Our hearts will beat a little faster and we may even laugh a little.

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