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You want to have the same sun-kissed glow that celebrities get?

There are many options for tanning products on the market, so it’s not difficult to find one.

You can self-tan in any way you like, from instant tan mist to gradual tanning lotions.

Fake tan is better than a true tan. This can lead to skin problems such as blackheads and open pores.

Even though it has a uneven skin tone, it adds a subtle, beautiful glow.

This post will review the 10 top self-tanners based on consumer ratings and reports.

Top 10 Best Self Tanners Consumer Reports in 2022 – 2023 to Buy:

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If you follow this buying guide, a fake tan will appear more natural. These are the points you need to know in order to find the perfect product for flawless tanning.


There are many colors available for self-tanners. It is up to you to decide which shade.

Each person’s skin reacts to products differently. It is best to choose a product based on the color of your hair or skin.

Please don’t change your natural skin color too much at first. Contrasting skin will make you look strange.

A light tanner is recommended for those with lighter skin tones. To build depth and add color over time, it is a good idea to start with a skin tone that matches your skin.

Light shades are best for people with pale skin.

You can choose a darker shade to enhance your pale skin once you have chosen a medium-dark color. It is better to build slowly than quickly.

Medium-dark shades are best for people with medium skin tones. Ultra-dark shades are best for those with naturally dark or tanned skin tones.

You can also choose a tan depending on the color of your hair. If you have red hair, choose light bronze. Warm tones are best for girls with darker hair.

Choose the right type

There are tons of tanning products on the market.

Some people mix and match formulas, such as spray for the back and lotion to the body. Others use the same formula all over.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by self-tanner products. You need to make the right decision.


Are you new to self-tanners. A moisturizer with a lower concentration Dihydroxyacetone DHA is a better choice than a sunless tanner.

You will notice a gradual glow. It is suitable for beginners and offers a subtle hint of color.

Tan towelettes

These pre-soaked tanner sheet are very easy to use. Towelettes are the best choice for those who don’t have a lot of experience with tanners or don’t want to use them.

This one is great for vacations where you need quick tan.

Tanning wipes are very easy to use. To get a beautiful glow, all you need to do is spread the product on your skin.

Creams and lotions

This self-tanner works well for both novice and experienced tanners. This product works slowly and allows you to spot any missing spots before applying the product again.

Because they provide deep hydration, the lotion is ideal for dry skin. They take longer to apply, about 20 minutes.

You can gradually change to darker shades by using less color. You can also use lotion to correct your self-tan.

Gels and mousses are for the more experienced. This is because the formula absorbs quickly, gives instant coverage, and glows instantly.

It can be difficult to deal with mousses and gels if you’re new in the tanning industry.

Gel is the best option for those with acne-prone skin. Gels can be used to smoothen hair and contact skin.

Tanning sprays

You don’t need to spend too much time spraying. It helps you cover large areas quickly.

Spray is often used to treat difficult-to-reach areas such as the back. Spray should be applied at 6 inches distance.

This helps you achieve a subtle mist of color, similar to an airbrush tan.


It is important to know that bronze does not work as a self-tanner. If you need instant glow and are in a rush, bronze is a good choice.

This product is temporary and will not last.


Any option can be chosen by an experienced person. A quick one is a great choice for those who need quick tan before big events.

An easy one is best for beginners, as it allows you to fix the problem before everything gets fixed.


You should be aware of your skin’s undertone before you apply self-tanners with color corrections. The color corrector will override another color in the color wheel.

To get a beautiful glow, you will need a violet-based self tanner if you have dark skin or pale yellow.

A green-based self-tanner is necessary for those with a pink complexion. It cancels out the red tones.


Tanner can’t be applied immediately. Preparation is key.


Smooth skin is essential for the best results. Your body should be shaved or waxed at least two days ago.

On the day of tanning, take a shower and exfoliate your skin. Use oil-free body scrubs instead of salt and sugar scrubs.

Oil-based scrubs should be avoided as they can leave oily residue on the skin. Oily skin will not allow tanner to absorb quickly.


  • Dry the skin and let it hydrate for a few seconds. Pat dry your body.
  • Put on some disposable gloves made of latex to protect your palms from staining and color.
  • Begin in the lowest area, and work your way up.
  • Mix a little bit of the mixture in a round container.
  • After moisturizing, apply a light shade of tanner to the skin.
  • You can help your skin by tannering your hands afterward. Use hand sanitizer to prevent your hands from getting formula-colored.
  • Use a damp cloth to buff areas where there is too much product.
  • Always refer to the package instructions to determine how long you should wait before taking a shower or going to bed. For the first five minutes, be patient and do not move. Some formulas take more than 20 minutes, while others require only two minutes.
  • You can fix streaks with a quick spray.
  • To maintain your tan for at least a week, use a moisturizer.
  • Start exfoliating once you see that your tan is starting to fade. You can then take a shower, and then you can start over. Don’t apply tanning products to a tanned skin. It will not look good and create an odd appearance.


  1. To get a uniform tan, make sure you use a well-lit space or bathroom.
  2. Apply tan only when your skin is still warm. The beads of sweat can cause streaks.
  3. Tan bottom to top. Start at the top and work your way down, you may get streaks.


When you next need to purchase a self-tanner make sure it has a golden glow and a natural bronze appearance.

The secret to achieving a celebrity-like glow on your skin is choosing the right tone and formula.

For first-timers, it is best to use a lighter tone and to learn how to tan over time. An expert Tanner can use any product from mousse and mist.

No matter if you are looking for a quick tan or something that lasts a while, make sure to choose a product made with organic and natural ingredients.


Do you need to moisturize before applying self-tanners?

You should moisturize dry areas such as your nostrils and elbows.

For moisturizing dry areas, use a light lotion. Before applying, your skin must be completely dry.

Can shaving remove fake tanning?

Avoid shaving every day to maintain your fake tan. You will see a decrease in your fake tan the more you shave.

How can I get a tan without having hairy legs?

Tan lotions that are too thick for hairy arms, legs and chests won’t work. For tanning your legs, you will need to use a spray or mousse.

These products are easy to apply because of their light texture.

Can I fake tan straight after exfoliating?

You shouldn’t fake tan after exfoliation. The skin can take some time to heal after exfoliation.

The product residue can cause a barrier that prevents tanning agents from reaching your skin evenly.

How can you instantly remove fake tan?

As a quick and easy way to remove dead skin cells, you can make a DIY scrub using lemon and sugar or lemon and baking soda. Use lukewarm water for rinsing.

How frequently should you self-tan?

It can be done once per week.

Do I need to shave my legs in order to get a self-tan?

Yes, it is important to shave your legs at least two days prior to shaving your legs. If you wax your legs, do it almost two days before.

It is possible to cause skin irritation if you apply a wax after tanning. Apply tan, and then shave your legs.

You can get a tanned look right after you shower.

After a shower, wait at least an hour. Don’t wait too long to get tanned.

What’s a good fake tanning for pale skin?

St. Tropez Purity Skin Mist is a must-have. It is lightweight and easy to use, creating a faux tan with radiant glow.

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