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People are switching to electric blankets in modern times, rather than relying upon their central heating systems. Electric blankets can save you money on heating systems. The electric blankets are made in a way that they work efficiently and provide heat exactly where you need it.

These electric blankets can also signal your body when it is time to go to sleep and when it is time to get up and move around. The electric blankets can help you sleep better after you’re asleep, without affecting temperature changes.

Top 10 Best Electric Blanket Consumer Reports in 2022 – 2023 to Buy:

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Different types of electric blankets

There are three types electric blankets.


This blanket is very easy to put on and remove. Fitted blankets are efficient in warming up the entire bed. The blanket stays flat on the bed and doesn’t move during the night.


Tie-down electric blankets are non-fitted electric blankets. It can be placed flat on your mattress, and it has ties to hold it in place. This electric blanket is more affordable than fitted blankets.

Throw blankets

The throw blanket works the same way as the regular blanket. These blankets are great because you can use them in your bed as well as while you relax on the couch.

Best Electric Blanket Buying Guide

Consumer reports on electric blankets. You should consider these essential points when purchasing an electric blanket.


Every product should be quality-oriented. Brands determine the quality of products. Each brand makes their own designs, techniques and materials. High-quality electric blankets can be expensive, but it is not always the case.


It is important to verify the fabric before purchasing an electric blanket. Some brands use fibers which are irritating to the skin and can cause allergic reactions. You will have more problems than comfort if you don’t check the blanket’s material before purchasing it.


Before purchasing an electric blanket, safety is something you need to consider. You should ensure that the blanket is sufficiently insulated to protect the wires. Its auto shutting off timings are a crucial safety feature.

Thin wires

The model should have a thinner wire. It is easier to wrap the blanket around your body if the wire is thinner. Flexible wires provide more comfort and are easier to store.


Are there any safety precautions you can take when washing an electric blanket

Electric blankets can be washed by hand or machine. Both are easy. Make sure the blanket is unplugged before washing. To avoid damage, make sure you unplug the cord. Use bleach and other cleaning fluids sparingly. Avoid ironing your electric blanket.

Why do electric blankets sometimes stop working?

The long-term use of an electric blanket can cause it to stop working. Some blankets can last for five years or more. A few blankets may also cease to work due to poor maintenance.


Each electric blanket has an automatic shut-off mechanism to ensure safety, and 10 heat settings. The quality of the blanket’s material is what will determine its effectiveness. Micro-plush is superior to fleece material. A blanket that allows you to set your preferred heat setting for yourself and your partner is a plus. These settings are available in many of the blankets we have reviewed. We would like to point out that the more features a blanket has, the more expensive it will be. You can also review the top 10 electric blankets consumer reviews to help you choose the right blanket.

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